Da Carnivalesque

“The works in Da Carnivalesque reflect Dino’s zeal for life as he uses objects that might be considered part of the so-called ‘everyday,’ but are moreover illustrative of a playful imagination reflected in the kitschy and garish aspects of the installation. Dino’s formal considerations are tactile and geometric, creating an overarching stimulation of the senses that is at once grotesque and sensuous, calling up a Rococo aesthetic that has become carnal and uninhibited. His intuitive working process lends to the exhibition’s unadulterated celebration embodied in Carnival festivities across the world, where circus and masquerade subvert the the mundaneness of the everyday, thereby bringing balance to the order of things, if only for a short time.
The Gam Gallery is pleased to present the work of Dino Real and wish him the best as he returns to Maryland. We have enjoyed our time with you so very much.”